We are a group of young creatives, who strive to create games with a meaning. Videogames have played a big part in our daily lives, which is why we have fallen in love with game development in the first place. We look up to companies like ThatGameCompany, Campo Santo or Team Ico, because they have created truly incredible games. Games by those companies are a big part of our inspiration for creating games, which might explain the choice of style and genre. Even though we have not officially released a game yet, we already have about 4 years of experience with game design and programming. One major aspect of our games will be the sound design, as we think that this is one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to immersion. But at the forefront of our games will always be a story with a purpose!


Currently we are working on a small platformer title, which is set in a very dark power station of the future. We call it the arch. It is an old nuclear power plant, which has once provided energy for the whole city, but has lately fallen into the grasp of menacing creatures. In addition to these creatures the arch is defended by the sentinel, robots designed for specific tasks needed to sustain the arch.